An open letter to a mighty good man.

Craig (my husband) is a good man. He is supporting me in my weight-loss goals in the best possible way – he is doing it with me. In fact, he is so committed to our health goals, he has lost 20lbs since January!  That is not the only reason Craig is such a good man. Here are just a couple of the reasons why I love him so much:

It is the little things. Craig shows me how much he loves me every single day. He makes me coffee every morning. He would never dream of starting to eat a meal until I am sitting beside him. He has a reminder on his phone every Sunday to make sure I have enough of a charge on my car Monday morning. He holds my hand proudly wherever we go, and walks on the traffic facing side of the street to make sure that I am safe. I am his best friend, the person he loves most out of everyone in the entire world, and he is my biggest fan. As if that wasn’t reason enough to follow him to the end of the earth, he didn’t even roll an eye when I asked if he would include some feminine products in his haul from the drug store, last week.  Because he is a very good man.


Protection for my mysterious lady-parts

He is open to doing the hard work that makes us better. When Craig and I first met (online), I was scared that he was too good looking for me.  I know, typing that kind of hurts my heart – but it’s true. I liked him soooo much, and that brought up some insecurities for me – so I had my best friend secretly stalk him at a sports bar where he was watching a Sharks playoff game. I share that story because I am sure that there have been friends who have wondered how we ever got together, given that he is a good looking guy and I am overweight. Maybe that is uncomfortable for you to read – or you may have the knee-jerk reaction to think that it’s preposterous because you know and love me, and think that I am beautiful (I am). Going through this process has really opened me up to my owning my story.  Even the hard parts.  Especially the hard parts. The truth is that broken people find broken people – and there was something in each of us that was a little broken when we met. In no way does this concept minimize the great marriage we have. In fact, we have found that the more we expose our most personal experiences and challenges, the deeper our connection grows. We are each others safest space – and we are both committed to healing our broken parts.

He makes time for me. I don’t mean that he carves out a slice of his precious time to hang out with me; I mean that he is stepping up the housework, so that I can make time for ME! Working with a health coach, and taking better care of myself has exposed some inequality in how we have historically split the household responsibilities. While we did not go from point a to point b without any friction, Craig has been incredibly open to being supportive and finding true balance. It is absolutely possible to achieve what I’ve achieved thus far without the support of my spouse, but it would be SO MUCH HARDER. I am truly grateful to have a partner who is open to change and sees the bigger picture.  Because the changes that he is helping me make will mean more time together, and more time with our family – and that is the most precious gift.

So thank you to Craig for being the best partner I could ever hope for.

I love you.


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