Hi! My namHollye is Holly VonDemfange (yes, it is a mouthful). I have a passion for boldly sharing my adventures in marriage, parenthood, and recently, my own health- and a knack for finding humor and perspective in even the most challenging of times.

I have two girls (Quinn age 6, and Wrenn age 4), and a fluffy muppet of a dog named Walter. Between my career as an executive assistant at Facebook, a crazy commute, two young children who are positively tribal, a dog, and my husband Craig, there is no shortage of material.  Oh, and did I mention that I started 2017 at 300lbs and am 11 months into a  journey of learning to love myself enough to be the healthiest me I can be? Because I am going to dish all about that, too.

The more I share my deepest fears, and greatest struggles, the more I discover that I am not alone – and I hope that by reading my stories, you can find things that resonate, or make you laugh, and feel less alone too.